Andreas Sattlberger delivers measurable earnings for companies. Typical issues that he tackles are:

Andreas Sattlberger
  • Earnings are at risk, because of a sales slump, cost inflation or excessive overhead cost
  • Liquidity is running short, but high inventory gobbles up cash
  • Customers complain that deliveries are late and unreliable
  • Supply chain disruptions and parts cost blow up our production plans and sales margins
  • A crucial restructuring initiative must succeed for the company to survive and thrive
  • Critical projects and markets are at risk of collapsing

When facing these issues, decision-makers need to mobilize all available resources for success. The use of external forces often provides the decisive thrust for a breakthrough.

In such situations – liquidity bottlenecks, earnings crisis, loss of an executive, turnaround, transformation, international issues, etc. – I provide “hands-on” support and measurable results through my external view, my strong focus and my many years of experience.

The goal is clear: overcoming the challenge by increasing profits in a sustainable way. This ensures continued survival and opens the horizon for new growth. The basis of this success is a trusting collaboration. Thus, we create together the basis for a bright future.


Success is the result of effective action. While we all have goals and plans, up to 80 % of strategies do not succeed. When things go downhill the mind needs to concentrate on staying on course. Distractions must be eliminated. However, focus in execution is the seemingly rare commodity that makes results happen.

“Effective Leadership is defined by results not attributes” – Peter Drucker

Execution Focus is committed to making results happen in Strategy, Operations, Supply Chain Management, and Automation & IT.

Andreas is a hands-on executive improving, restructuring and scaling companies ranging from startups to public corporations. He tackles tough restructuring issues, complex supply chain challenges, cash & EBIT shortfalls, and strategic & operational problems with data-based thinking, transparent communications, and a sharp focus on implementing results in a collaborative way.

His approach to delivering results is based on an open team culture leveraging rigorous, creative problem-solving with measurable goals and clear accountability. Andreas brings a deep understanding of digital & information technology and its applications to solve real-world issues. He combines strong international experience in financial management, operational excellence, supply chain and digital automation with business acumen in order to significantly increase throughput, growth, cash flow, and profitability.

Track Record

Results that Andreas has delivered include increased output by 51% at a safety products company, cost savings of 29% at an electronic manufacturer, fixed supply chain issues involving global SAP to accelerate lead time by 3 weeks, slashed production costs by 5.2% at an automotive supplier, and increased productivity by 7.1% at an aerospace manufacturer.

Further, he led change programs for ERP implementations of a global cell phone maker, sales & marketing programs for customer acquisition at leading software companies, digital transformation & automation on the shop floor of international electronics firms, and profit growth programs (EBIT) at automotive suppliers.

Andreas’ record demonstrates a steady execution focus across a broad range of executive leadership challenges, operational & financial turnarounds, technology & digital implementations, and go-to-market and supply chain programs. He motivates his team by leading by example, with learning through curious listening and actively building win-win agreements with stakeholders.


Email: [email protected]
Phone: +43 664 388 4696