Example services for delivering step change improvements for your business:

Turnaround & Restructuring
Supply Chain Excellence
Strategy Creation & Execution
Assessments and Pre-M&A Due Diligence
Procurement Optimization
Operations Improvement
Internationalization and Market Entry USA

Turnaround & Restructuring
With a focused approach I lead the quick stabilization of struggling operations to regain operational & financial stability and to prepare for growth.

  • First, I conduct a focused analysis of the company’s financial and operational data to identify major risks and opportunities.
  • Then, I work with your team to identify the root causes of the deficiencies in value delivery, margins capture, and cash position.
  • After that we work together on the development of a comprehensive improvement or restructuring plan.
  • A well-crafted change and communications approach ensures buy-in from the affected stakeholders in- and outside of the organization.
  • I work closely with employees to ensure the implementation of the necessary changes and to guide the team through the improvement actions.
  • With the expertise of many transformations, your company can confidently navigate through the challenges and emerge with a stronger, more resilient, and financially successful business.

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Supply Chain Excellence
The supply chain – including procurement, production and delivery – often drives more than 50% – 70% of the cost. Supply Chain Excellence, therefore, is a mandatory performance requirement that I deliver for organizations.

  • With my specialist knowledge and experience in demand forecasting, inventory management, production planning, logistics & transportation optimization, supply network redesign, and supply chain risk management, I identify and resolve the obstacles to high performance.
  • By analyzing the supply chain data with your team, we identify areas of inefficiency and develop a customized strategy to upgrade operations and reduce costs for inventory, transportation and operations.
  • Critical to superior company earnings is a tight match of the supply chain configuration with the business strategy, i.e. innovation, customer efficiency or operational excellence. I ensure the right trade-offs between working capital (inventory), cost (capacity) and product availability (on-time fulfillment) to maximize the ROCE.
  • The upgrade of the Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process ensures the integration and synchronization of operations and reduces waste.
  • Plus, the improvement of Production Planning & Scheduling (MRP) ensures that operations are running at maximum efficiency.
  • Whether the company is seeking to optimize the existing supply chain or performing due diligence for M&A, these supply chain management services will ensure that your supply chain and the business it supports will become efficient, resilient, and capable of meeting your financial objectives.

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Strategy Creation & Execution
Ready to take your business to the next level? This requires a focused strategy that must be executed effectively. My task is to prune the strategy beyond high aspirations, lofty goals and intentions to focus on value to customers, so that it gets executed for results.

  • First, a “good” strategy must overcome the company-specific critical challenges and create competitive advantages that win in the marketplace. I make a strategy audit to make sure the strategies deliver the “punch” to the market.
  • We know that strategy execution fails in up to 90% of cases. Strategic initiatives often linger and do not deliver the changes required. My role is to lead the effective implementation of a focused strategy.
  • A comprehensive strategy execution (hoshin management) ensures full company alignment, from the vision and mission down to the detailed implementation plans.
  • Key is the activation of employee ideas in the design phase and the engagement in the implementation process (catchball).
  • An effective communication approach and regular two-way dialogues ensure buy-in from all relevant stakeholders.

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Assessments and Pre-M&A Due Diligence
“How could you have missed that?” is heard too often after a failure in due diligence. My approach to assessments focuses on the few critical high-stake components that make or brake the strategic initiative.

  • I provide a focused approach to assessing the target’s financial and operational data, allowing the project team to make informed decisions about potential mergers & acquisitions or other initiatives.
  • The team selection must prioritize the company’s own experts that can best evaluate the target’s strengths and weaknesses, identify potential risks and opportunities, and provide strategic recommendations to maximize the success of the deal.
  • With a thorough but focused approach, the decision makers can confidently move forward with their M&A plans and achieve their business objectives.

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Procurement Optimization
Looking to optimize your procurement process and maximize cost savings? Next to cost savings, my approach to procurement elevates the procurement team’s contribution to include innovation, quality, supplier relationships, sustainability, speed acceleration, and risk management.

  • The foundation consists of implementing effective sourcing strategies and creating a plan-for-every-part, which assure the best value, on time delivery, and reliable relationships.
  • I focus on ensuring a strong support of the procurement team with state-of-the-art IT software applications and the transition of Excel-IT to solid ERP and SCM applications.
  • My support to mitigate the impact of inflation on prices includes the development of negotiation strategies, tactics and hands-on solutions.
  • In addition, I support the team with RFP processes, negotiation skills, and bidding processes, as well as managing strategic sourcing and reshoring projects.
  • The advanced contribution of procurement to business success requires training of the team in scouting and sourcing high quality parts for existing and new products.
  • Long-term success builds on strong supplier relationships, leveraging supplier relationship management (SRM).

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Operations Improvement
Want to boost your company’s profits? My performance improvement experience ensures a systematic and effective focus on measurable outcomes.

  • I specialize in identifying and realizing cost-saving opportunities that will increase the bottom line.
  • Leading the set up of Quick Response Operations ensures fast reaction to changes in demand in the market.
  • My approach to Operational Excellence focuses on the key drivers of profitability across the value chain and tackles the bottlenecks for increasing flow, enhance quality, and eliminate non-value activities.
  • Leveraging my deep experience in Lean Management, I build a continuous improvement culture with the employees who identify root causes and solve problems in alignment with the companys objectives.
  • Finally, my support for automation implementation automates time-consuming tasks and frees up the team to focus on performance.

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Internationalization and Market Entry USA

The current economic challenges require a new approach to internationalization. Using exports or local distributors are not sufficient anymore. In order to ensure continued profitability and long-term survival, value creation itself needs to be moved into the respective markets. This requires smart investments in the regions, i.e. USA, China, South America, etc.

  • Development of market entry strategies, especially in the USA, based on 14 years of US experience
  • Due Diligence and market research to identify opportunities and prevent risks for a successful market strategy
  • Accompanying and coaching US teams in building and implementing US market strategies

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